Green Sand Foundry

We are a leading Green Sand Foundry in North America!

The latest technology, the best-trained team, and a stable foundry come together to ensure you get your metal castings with high quality and on time, with no surprises.  This is why we continue to receive work that other green sand foundries used to handle. We ARE your best solution!

Use Us to Your Advantage

Willman Industries’ green sand casting offers the distinct advantage of using green sand for larger casting production.  Many foundries would need to run the same job through a one-at-a-time no-bake process, costing you precious time and money. We are able to produce larger castings efficiently while maintaining high-quality standards using a green sand molding process on our BMM molding machine.  Our Hunter and Pin Lift molding machines can produce castings in quantities from 1 to 10,000+ annually at the highest quality levels utilizing our economical pattern equipment.

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The Most Flexible and Modern Facility Available

Our highly flexible production facilities in green sand molding allow us to economically produce castings from prototype volumes to 10,000 per year using horizontally parted molding machines. Willman Industries green sand molding lines include flask sizes from 20”x24” (8/8) to 42” X 60” (20/20). 
In addition to our BMM molding machine (maximum casting weight of 2000-lbs) and Hunter molding line (maximum casting weight of 70-lbs), these lines include three cope and drag pin lift molding machines (maximum casting weight of 250-lbs).  That gives us five molding lines to keep your product running quickly and efficiently whatever it is. Our variety of molding equipment gives us the flexibility to handle whatever you need us to produce. Our commitment to remaining modern and competitive means that we reinvest in our business to improve quality and efficiency.

Our Experienced Staff Makes The Difference

In addition to our exemplary facilities, we boast a staff with generations of experience!  Our foundry is staffed by the best workers in the business. From our excellent in-house engineering team to our experienced and diligent foundry technicians, your product will be supervised for excellence from inception to shipment.  

Be a Part of a “Greener” Green Sand Foundry

In 2015, our first year of beneficial reuse of spent sand, our sand has provided sub-base material for new barns, machine pads, and cattle feedlots. We recycled 529 TONS of spent foundry sand in our first year alone.  Spent sand is mixed with other fill material and is perfectly safe, meeting the regulatory requirements for beneficial reuse sand in Wisconsin. Among other uses, the combination of the spent send and other fill material provides for a firm and stable base for concrete or asphalt surfacing.  We are pleased to be able to be an environmentally-friendly foundry as we remain the most competitive in the business.

We are excited to partner with you with any and all of your casting needs.  We continue to strive for excellence because we know you need high-quality parts at the right price delivered on time, every time.  Call us now for a quote or a tour of our Green Sand Foundry and find real value for your company today!

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