Quality First at Willman

We will stop at nothing to assure the best quality parts in the industry.

Quality is Our First Priority

“Willman Industries, Inc. is committed to the utilization of a management system that will ensure the continued success of our customers, suppliers and our own business operations. The management system focuses on defect prevention encapsulated in an environment of continuous improvement.”

That is our official quality policy…and our promise to you.  We will stop at nothing to assure the best quality parts in the industry.

It Starts With Our Employees

Every employee is instilled with the guiding principle to provide the quality our customers require. This corporate focus starts with creating a department dedicated to improving quality throughout our facilities.  Our quality department is staffed with highly experienced quality professionals with degrees in related fields. They are dedicated to inspecting our equipment, processes, and training for the entire operation.  As proof of our continued commitment to quality, the quality department staff includes a 6-Sigma Black Belt and a few 6-Sigma Green Belts.


The Technological Advantage

A full range of metallurgical controls, process control routings, and ongoing testing are used to ensure compliance with all of our customer’s requirements. Metallurgical testing equipment includes 2 Spectrometers measuring 31 elements and thermal analysis using state of the art software.  We do our dimensional analysis using portable coordinate measuring machines (PCMMs) which allow us to perform measurement tasks and analysis right inside the plant environment. We also use a long-range 3D scanner with laser technology for precise capture of larger parts. The hardness checks are accomplished with a combination of portable Brinnel testers (King, Air, and NewAge). Our non-destructive testing involves a series of tests including magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant testing, ultrasonic testing, and (by contract) some x-ray testing. These tests help us to diagnose stress fracturing and other discontinuities the parts. We have invested time, money, and talent in our pursuit of being the best-in-class quality.

Work on an iron casting

Not Just Words

As you peruse the rest of our website it will become apparent that this is more than just quality banter. “Quality First” is the management philosophy here at Willman Industries. Want to know more? Go to our “Capabilities” page or contact us and we will be happy to get you more information about our quality initiatives and testing processes!

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