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We have a foundry engineering team available to assist all our customers.

Willman Engineering Group is here to serve you! We provide a host of engineering services from the design of the casting to special testing and modeling. Whatever your need, Willman Engineering Group’s full staff of process metallurgists and quality technicians are here to help and support you.


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We Specialize In Quality

We have thrived for more than 100 years as an iron castings foundry by producing top-quality castings that other foundries could not make. Our team of professional engineers, metallurgists, and technicians has played an integral part in that process. They are continually redesigning and improving our gating and rigging systems to ensure quality and consistency with every pour for your metal parts.

With their help, we are able to control the metallurgy in the furnace, in each ladle, in each casting. But we don’t stop there! We utilize their knowledge and skills to make sure that your casting is designed right and that it is tested properly to ensure the best quality part is fabricated.

From Science to Design

There are many different components to iron and all of those different components have to work together to provide a quality casting. At Willman, there is no metal used of which we do not know the full chemistry. It is important to get the right kind of iron to make sure that your part is appropriate for your use. The wrong combination of metals could mean a shorter lifespan for your part or even failure from the start. We understand the importance of those considerations, which is why we have only the best on our engineering team!

Our engineering team works on every casting made at Willman. Are you starting from scratch and need someone to guide you? We can help you decide on the right metal and process for your part! Do you have a part but not the casting? We can convert your fabrications to castings! Do you need to know if a part will work for you once it is fabricated with us? We can create prototype castings for proof of concept and testing! Our engineers and metallurgists can assist you with all aspects of casting design. Additionally, our technicians are highly skilled with laser scanning, solidification modeling and a host of other services.

Each part has its own specific needs that determine the type of material used and the type of casting needed. Our team can help steer you toward the best metal and the best process for your needs. We can also build higher quality and ease of casting into the part by helping you design your part with quality and cost in mind. Our experience on the front end of designing your part ensures you have the best part for your needs.

Let’s Do This!

Do you already have a part tooled up and in production at another facility? We can work with you on design and/or material modifications to improve your current parts even if you did not have the tooling made with us.
We continue to strive for excellence because we know you need high-quality parts at the right price delivered on time, every time. At Willman, you get the latest in foundry technology to produce the best castings economically in any quantity you need. As a privately held company, we feel free to reinvest heavily in the business to stay on the cutting edge of casting practices to provide you with the best in service and fabrication every time.

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