Meehanite Castings

Willman Industries is proud to be a Meehanite Foundry and a leading supplier of Meehanite castings.  We have been pouring Meehanite castings for decades and can assure you that you will always get the quality you need with any Meehanite castings you order.

Meehanite is a registered trade name of a family of cast ferrous materials manufactured under specific metallurgical control so that their properties meet established engineering specifications. Meehanite castings offer advantages to your castings like uniform soundness, consistent physical properties and dependable performance in service with long wear life and great durability.  (On a side note, if you have a Meehanite casting and you were wondering if there was a suitable alternative, you can read our Meehanite Equivalent Castings page).


With Meehanite you know you will always get these three things:

  • A controlled process for casting metals to exact and well-defined engineering specifications that will be uniform between production runs.
  • Superior engineering cast irons including nodular graphite irons, flake graphite irons and white cast irons.
  • A Certified world class quality and service because we are continually audited by Meehanite to remain a certified foundry.

Meehanite originated in 1927 as a way to modify graphite structures and control the properties of cast iron in relation to casting section. Meehanite metallurgists found that by adding alkaline earth silicides to a low carbon iron in the ladle that carbides could be reduced and the iron could be made very machinable and with uniform strength properties.  Meehanite has continued to evolve over the decades to improve its castings ensuring you will get a quality casting every time.

Give us a call about your Meehanite castings and we can show you how you can find more value with Willman Industries.

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