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What is a No-Bake Casting

No-bake casting is a casting process by which metal is molded into shape using a green sand casting mold and allowed to cool at room temperature. The “green” sand that is used in this process isn’t sand in the traditional sense, but rather a mixture of different types of sand (typically silica), bentonite, water, inert sludge, anthracite, and a small amount of various other minerals. These materials are formed into a mold using chemical binders to bond the molding sand and then encased in a “flask”. A casting flask is normally made of wood, metal, or plastic.

When the mold is formed it is left at room temperature for the mold to harden. Once the mold has been hardened, the molten metal is poured in and then allowed to cool. These molds are designed slightly larger than the part should be so as to account for shrinkage during the cooling process. This process is preferred in certain cases because it produces a better surface finish than other processes.

Willman No-Bake Foundry Facilities

Our No-Bake Casting Foundry consists of two separate production molding areas producing castings from 500 pounds to 36,000 pounds. Each no-bake molding line is equipped with its own continuous mixer, mixing up to 1500 pounds of molding sand per minute. The lines are equipped to support flask sizes from 36″x36″ up to 144″x144″. In addition to standard flask molds, Willman is capable of producing no-bake molds in mold boxes or with loose patterns.

Production quantities from no-bake molding lines vary from 1 casting per year to as many as 8-12 castings per day. We have two bays for molding medium-sized, semi-production, or one-on components up to 40,000 pounds in flasks or flaskless. Our No-Bake Foundry lines are good for low volume production and no-bake castings are the best choice for extremely large castings.

The Best Choice For No-Bake Castings

Regardless of your needs, Willman is the best choice for your no-bake casting. Our team of engineers is waiting to assist you and we will provide the best prices in the industry. Give us a call and schedule a consultation today!

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