No Bake Casting Foundry

Green Sand Foundry Part
Foundry Part

The No-Bake Casting Foundry consists of two production molding areas producing castings from 500 pounds to 36,000 pounds. Each no-bake molding line is equipped with its own continuous mixer, mixing up to 1500 pounds of molding sand per minute. The lines are equipped to support flask sizes from 36×36 up to 144×144. In addition to standard flask molds, Willman is capable of producing no-bake molds in mold boxes or with loose patterns.
Production quantities from no-bake molding lines vary from 1 casting per year to as many as 8-12 castings per day.  The process is called “no bake” because it is not subjected to heating the mold before casting.  Our No Bake Foundry lines are good for low volume production and no bake castings are the best choice for extremely large castings.

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