Grey & Ductile Iron Casting Foundry

Pouring Metal at the Willman Industries Iron Foundry

Grey and Ductile Cast Iron Foundry

Willman Industries is a grey and ductile iron casting foundry focused on providing the best value in grey and ductile iron castings to companies in North America.  We have specialized in producing castings in our iron foundry for over 100 years, yet we stay on the cutting edge of foundry technology to ensure high quality and cost effective production of your cast iron parts.

The Willman leadership team has a relentless pursuit of excellence so that we create value to you through our iron foundry.  We will continue to work hard to find new ways ensuring high-quality castings delivered on time at a favorable price point.  We are never satisfied with being another cast iron foundry, we strive to be the best.

Isn’t that what your company needs?  You just need your parts on-time, with the right quality, at the right price.

Why is Willman Industries the Best Cast Iron Foundry for You?

Willman Industries Advantages = High Quality, Financially Stable, Debt Free, & In-House ExpertiseHow can you know you should call Willman to be your next cast iron foundry of choice?

  • We continue to gain new clients every year with long term retention of current customers which means you are likely to find what you need at Willman Industries too.
  • We are debt-free and have remained stable even through the recent major downturn in the economy, so you can trust there is little risk in sourcing your parts from our growing company
  • We lead in industry innovation with things like solution strengthened castings and mold-sand recycling. That means as we innovate you can benefit from the most cost-effective solutions for your castings.
  • Our size allows us to make regular capital investments in cutting edge foundry technologies to better service your needs. As a privately held company, we can focus on what is best for you since we do not have public stockholders to please.
  • Our extensive history means we retain the lessons learned over the years. We are building upon our knowledge as a cast iron foundry to make your parts right the first time and every time.

What is the difference between ductile iron and grey cast iron?

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If you have not sourced cast iron before or you have not received a quote for cast iron components recently, you may be surprised at what we can do for you.  It is free to request a quote and free to just talk to our team on the phone.  We look forward to hearing how we can make your life better, better when you choose a quality iron casting foundry like Willman Industries.

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