Social and Economical Responsibilities

Being a good neighbor to the local community is an important task at Willman. After all, our community is not where we “make money,” but where we live life. We work hard at ensuring we utilize resources wisely, reducing waste and pollution. We are on the cutting edge, even recycling casting sand for reuse in other areas. We want this world to be a better place for our kids as well as yours.

It is not just about the environment; we know building a good company requires good people, and we are pleased to have a great team working with us. It feels good to see how the work we do at Willman provides not just for our workers, but their families as well, ensuring a high quality of life for an extended family. We have “cast” this company into a role of looking for better tomorrows, better tomorrows for our clients, our employees, and our community.

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