Precision Iron Casting Manufacturer

Sample of a Ductile iron casting

If you are looking for a precision ductile iron casting manufacturer, Willman Industries meets your requirements.  Willman Industries puts a premium emphasis on the quality of your parts along with great service at fair prices.  Willman Industries has long been the go to destination to manufacture hard to cast parts, whether it is because of difficult to mold shapes, precision required for materials, or casting processes that require technology and know-how.

Willman Industries Has Experience Manufacturing Iron Castings

Willman Industries is a foundry that produces about 40 different grades of iron and has literally thousands of active molds.  The foundry has been around since 1899 and was the first foundry in the state to manufacture ductile iron castings around 1940.  Yet despite its age, Willman remains on the cutting edge of foundries, continually investing in new equipment, finding quality people, and seeking out new technologies allowing Willman to grow even during the most recent recession.

Willman Industries Pioneered Solution Strengthened Ductile Iron

Willman Industries is the iron casting manufacturer to pioneer the use of solution strengthened ductile iron, achieving higher strength and elongations than earlier grades (like Meehanite) without section sensitivity or any need for heat treating.  The yield-to-tensile strength ratio and machinability have also improved favorably over previous grades.  The benefits of solution strengthened ductile iron allow Willman Industries to cast higher quality parts at a cost savings over previous grades.

High Quality Standards

Willman Industries is one of the few iron casting manufacturers with both ISO and ABS certification.  These certifications are just a part of our passion for quality.  We think the only way to maintain healthy customer relations is if we practice excellence in everything we do and we know people would like to see their parts manufactured correctly EVERY time.  Therefore, we put the policies, procedures, equipment, tools, and training in place to ensure you are consistently pleased with the castings you receive.

Safe Haven Foundry

Todd Willman likes to call Willman Industries a “safe haven foundry.”  Says Todd,

“We make our living as a safe-haven foundry, providing highly engineered, high-quality castings with high levels of service.  Most of our business has come to us because our competition could not make the quality or because our competition simply went out of business. Since Clay Willman bought the foundry in 1987, we have been profitable every year because we make our decisions based on what is best for the foundry for the next 40 years.”

Willman Industries is one of few iron casting foundries to stay debt free and actually grow in the recent years of recession.  There is a reason new customers approach Willman Industries almost every day, because those new clients know Willman Industries is a no risk choice to manufacture their iron castings.

Easy to Work With

Your best bet is to give us a call today to see we are not your average foundry.  Give us a call now and we would be happy to serve you!


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