Willman Industries is Simply the Best Foundry for Your Castings

Many Foundries, One Roof

Willman Industries high-performance, high-integrity castings are found in the finest products of many of the
most demanding and respected companies in the world.  Willman Industries is a foundry, but not all foundries are made the same nor can one foundry economically cast every part.  That is why Willman has grown to be many foundries under one roof.

Grey Iron Foundry

The most popular material for castings is Grey Iron.  Willman has decades of experience casting grey iron parts in high and low volume. Find out more about our Ductile Iron Foundry.

Ductile Iron Foundry

Ductile Iron Foundry Part

When you need a high performance, tight tolerance casting, Willman Industries is here to assist you.  Casting ductile iron is just another day’s work at Willman where we are used to producing high performance castings on a daily basis.

Find out more about our ductile iron foundry.

Green Sand Foundry

Green Sand Casting is the most common form of casting in the US. Most high volume parts are cast using green sand molds. Our equipment allows for a broad spectrum of shapes and sizes to be cast in high volumes using the green sand process at an economical price. Our experience allows us to leverage green sand casting to your best advantage.
Find out more about our Green Sand Foundry.

No-Bake Foundry

No-Bake Casting is the second most common form of casting in the US. The process is best for larger parts that are too big for making green sand molds. Willman Industries has the equipment and experience to make no-bake castings up to an incredible 40,000 pounds.

Find out more about our about our no-bake foundry.

Meehanite Foundry

Meehanite Foundry Logo

Meehanite is a proven process of how to make precision high performance parts that has been around since 1931.  With Willman’s decades old relationship with Meehanite Metal Corp. (the Meehanite certifying organization), Willman Industries has the experience to easily make Meehanite and Meehanite like castings.

ISO 9000 Certified Foundry

iso 9000 foundry

Willman is an ISO 9001:2008 certified foundry, letting you know we have a documented Quality Management System (QMS) that is audited by a third party, and which is focused on continuous improvement.  Why chance your cast parts with a foundry that cannot promise consistent product that meets your specifications every time?  See our full list of certifications and awards here.

ABS Certified Foundry

Like ISO certification, the American Bureau of Shipping or ABS Certification is a shortcut for you to know we are committed to delivering you high quality castings every time we deliver.  See our full list of certifications and awards here.

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