Iron Castings

Willman Industries Iron Castings have been used by American manufacturers for decades.  Serving the industry since 1912, we have the knowledge and experience most companies need to save them money while providing high quality castings.  While many iron casting foundries have been closing their doors over the last decade, Willman continues to grow strong, with no losses and no debt.

We specialize in the most common kind of iron castings at Willman Industries, especially grey iron castings and ductile iron castings.  You will find our iron castings in places like mines, oilfields, heavy-machinery, and all sorts of transportation.  Why are Willman iron castings so popular?  Sometimes you can save more than 50% casting a part instead of fabricating it, and casting iron will ensure the precision you need, which cannot always be promised with fabrications.  The general rule is the more complicated the piece, the more you will save by having your part cast.

Willman Industries produces many grades of grey iron castings (19) and ductile iron castings (20).  The large number of grades we are experienced with should tell you we have everything you need in order to get the cast parts you want with great quality and at the right price. We are proud to be a precision iron casting manufacturer. We also have experience molding parts that are less than 1 pound to parts that are over 20 tons in size.

Do you have a part you think might be a candidate to become an iron casting?  Just give us a call and our engineering team can work with you to design your part as an iron casting.  We ensure the part meets your form, fit, and function requirements plus we help you engineer the part to be as inexpensive to cast as possible while reducing or eliminating any machining.

We can also help specify the material and the process that would best suite your part, whether you need something that is impact resistant, has an extremely long wear life, or needs high tensile strength, we can tell you what will be the optimal material and process for your iron casting.

One of the secrets to a well-designed casting is a well-designed mold.  Where to put things like the gates and vents can dramatically affect the cost, quality, and aesthetics of your parts.  Since all we do is iron castings, we already know how to best design molds for your parts and even what type of molds to use (like green sand or no-bake casting molds).

Some of the Willman Industries iron castings grades include:

Grey Cast Iron

Ductile Iron

  • Learn more about our Ductile Iron Casting Capabilities
  • Ferritic Ductile Iron
  • Pearlitic Ductile Iron
  • High Strength Pearlitic Ductile Iron
  • High Silicon Molybdenum Ductile Iron
  • Austempered Ductile Iron
  • All Meehanite Ductile Iron Grades

Can Willman Industries help you with your cast iron parts? The best way to find out is to call us now to discuss your options, and if we are not a good fit, we will tell you! With no risk, you have every reason to call now.

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