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  • Materials Produced

    Grey and ductile iron castings are suitable for a wide range of products including many components
    within the mining, oilfield, heavy-machinery and transportation industries. Willman Industries produces
    19 grades of grey iron and 20 grades of ductile iron in order to meet the unique specifications of our
    customers. These grades include:

    Grey Iron

    • 20,000B – 50,000B
    • All Meehanite Cast Iron Grades

    Ductile Iron

    • Ferritic Ductile Iron
    • Pearlitic Ductile Iron
    • High Strength Pearlitic Ductile Iron
    • High Silicon Molybdenum Ductile Iron
    • Austempered Ductile Iron
    • All Meehanite Ductile Iron Grades
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