Leading Full-Service Iron Foundry

As a full-service iron foundry, Willman Industries can help you with your part needs from start to finish.


Engineering From the Start


Our full staff of metallurgists and quality technicians are here to assist you with converting fabrications to castings, creating prototype castings, casting design, laser scanning, solidification modeling and a host of other services.  Do you already have a part tooled up and in production?  We can work with you on design and/or material modifications on parts already tooled up and in production to make improvements, even if you did not have the tooling made with us.  We start this process by examining the materials that we will be using for your parts.  There is not one drop of iron that is poured in our foundry that we do not know the full chemistry of.  We control the metallurgy in the furnace, in each ladle, in each casting.  We continue to check the material and the parts we produce throughout the process.  We also check those castings before they head out the door to you and provide after-sales support!


Versatility and Capability Combined


Our 170,000-square-foot iron foundry complex can handle anything from 1-lb green-sand castings to 40,000-lbs no-bake castings.  Our facilities use the most advanced technology with continual reinvestment in the foundry to ensure that we keep on the cutting-edge.  We can make difficult, high-strength metallurgical castings; that separates us from the rest of the iron foundries.   Our efforts have not gone unnoticed!  Our capabilities have brought us business from every major industry and many of the most demanding and respected blue chip companies in the world.  We have thrived for more than 100 years by producing top quality castings that other foundries could not make!


Generations of Iron Foundry Experience


Not only are you getting the benefit of the latest technologies, at Willman Industries you get the benefit of generations of experience!  The Willman family isn’t the only ones represented by two or more generations.  Todd Willman, a third generation involved in the industry, says of the company, “We care about what we do, we care about the quality of our product, we care about our clients, we care about our great community here in Cedar Grove.  There are not just three generations of Willmans, there are several generations of several families…we really care about each other and we care about what we do here.”


In iron, there are a lot of different components, and all of those elements have to work together.  You can’t have a quality iron casting without all the various elements doing their part.  At Willman Industries we work hard to bring all of those elements together both in the metal and in our casting.  Clay Willman has been saying it for forty years: “It’s in Cedar Grove, at our company; the best quality always wins!”  That has been true for our customers since 1899, and it will be true for you, too.  We continue to strive for excellence because we know you need high-quality parts at the right price delivered on time, every time.  We are looking forward to being your full-service iron foundry!


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